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Heidi Cruz wants to build a North American Community – what does that mean, exactly?
Posted on August 21, 2015 by austrogirl
ted cruz
Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, with his Spanish name, Canadian birth and US citizenship, would actually be a natural candidate to be the First President of the North American Union! (n/t The Next News Network)

In today’s video preview of tomorrow’s show, I refer to a document, Building a North American Community, written by a Council on Foreign Relations task force which included Heidi Cruz (i.e., Mrs. Ted Cruz), who expressly agreed with the recommendations in the report. What are those recommendations? Here’s a sampling, but I highly recommend you read the whole text (it’s large print and only 32 pages of actual report, the rest you can skip):

To lay the groundwork for the freer flow of people within North America with the ultimate goal of full mobility of labor and goods across Canada, Mexico and the United States. To facilitate this, rules and regulations on labor and the environment among other things should conform across the “trinational” region. “[T]he three countries should make a concerted effort to encourage regulatory convergence…including harmonization at the highest prevailing standard…and unilateral adoption of another country’s rules.”
“Make a North American standard the default approach to new regulation….The new trinational mechanism also should be charged with identifying joint means of ensuring consistent enforcement of new rules as they are developed.”
Increase information and intelligence-sharing at the local and national levels in both law enforcement and military organizations.
Conduct annual training exercise to develop interoperability among and between law enforcement agencies and militaries of the US, Canada & Mexico.
Create a North American Border Pass with biometric identifiers.
Establish a North American energy and emissions regime that could offer tradable voucher systems for emissions trading.
Creation of a North American Advisory Council with a complementary private body “that would meet regularly or annually to buttress North American relationships, along the lines of the Bilderberg or Wehrkunde conferences, organized to support transaltantic relations.”
Creation of a North American Inter-Parliamentary Group that will include US Congress along with Canadian and Mexican Parliamentary representation, who play key roles in policy toward each other. The newly created North American Advisory Council (likened to the Bilderberg Group) “could provide an agenda and support for these meetings.”


Public School Textbook Filled With Muslim Bias?
Jul 31, 2013 // 10:20pm
As seen on Hannity
A world history textbook being used in Florida public schools is raising serious concerns over its alleged Islamic bias. The textbook, used in ninth grade Advanced Placement classes in Brevard County for the past three years, is now under review by the school board.

New Proposal Could Bar Christians From San Antonio City Council

The book contains an entire chapter devoted to “Muslim Civilizations.” Sean Hannity noted that it has zero chapters on Christianity or Judaism. The chapter teaches about the Prophet Muhammad and how he became God’s messenger. It even describes jihad as a “holy war to defend Islam […] much like the Crusades to defend Christianity.”

Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes has obtained a copy of the textbook. He told Hannity, “Through the entire chapter, Sean, Islam is defended. They talk about how wonderful Islam is to women. I mean, you’d think that they were having Victoria’s Secret stores over there.”

Starnes said the book attempts to re-write history by likening bad things in Christianity’s history to a “massacre,” but for Islam it’s referred to as an “occupation.”

Hannity asked why the text didn’t cover comparative religions if it was going to discuss religion at all. Starnes said he hasn’t received an answer from the publishing company, Pearson, on that question. In a prepared statement, they told Starnes, “A review of the book shows there is balanced attention given to the beliefs of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.”

Starnes said this problem is bigger than Brevard County, Florida. He cited a survey by the Citizens for National Security that found that at least 80 textbooks currently in use are filled with Muslim bias.

Is This a Case of PC Gone Wild or a Promotion of the Homosexual Agenda to School Children?

October 8, 2014 By Jennifer Burke

transgender bathroom
As students enter their classrooms each morning, they are typically greeted by their teachers. As the teacher begins instruction, he or she very often, especially at the elementary level, addresses the class saying, “Good morning boys and girls.”

Those words, however, have now been deemed to be non-inclusive by Garden Oaks Montessori School in Houston, Texas. School administrators say the words ‘boys and girls’ don’t “convey a sense of inclusive or togetherness.” Therefore, teachers are no longer allowed to use them. Instead, they must say, “Good morning, class” or “Good morning, everyone.”
The school is participating in a campaign called “Welcoming Schools” through the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which works works towards the legalization of same-sex marriage. Beyond that, the group, which calls itself a civil rights organization, pushes for comprehensive sex education for children of all ages.

“Diversity is a good thing. We all benefit from the unique characteristics that we all have,” says school Principal Lindsey Pollack. She added that the school seeks to “build a culture of inclusivity and understanding and a mindset of being welcoming to everyone.”

According to EAGNews, HRC uses the National School Climate Survey as the basis for their work. The National School Climate Survey happens to have been founded and is lead by Obama’s former assistant deputy secretary for safe and drug free schools, Kevin Jennings.

Jennings has admitted in the past that his objective isn’t really about safety of anyone. Instead, it is to promote homosexuality. He is the author of a book entitled Queering of Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling.

A group that Jennings founded in 1990 and ran until 2008, the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, was under fire in the past for the graphic sexual content of books it recommended to students. In one book, a 13-year old boy spoke about tolerating near rape experiences from older men, but that he ultimately enjoyed it. Jennings’ group also held a seminar in 2000 during which they “graphically described unconventional sexual techniques” to students.

» Kentucky business owner told gay pride t-shirts trump his beliefs » Fresh Ink — GOPUSA

gay_mafiaA t-shirt printer in Kentucky could be punished by a so-called human rights commission after refusing to print t-shirts for a homosexual group.

Hands on Originals owner Blaine Adamson was asked to print the shirts for the Lexington Pride Festival but declined. Instead, he found a printer willing to do the job and for the same price. But that wasn’t good enough – activists with the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization filed a complaint against Adamson before the commission, which is now expected to decide his fate.

Campbell, Jim (ADF)Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jim Campbell tells OneNewsNow that Adamson has completed t-shirt orders for gay customers in the past but simply disagreed with the event.

In a press release, ADF explained that a judge concluded that Adamson violated a City of Lexington ordinance that forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation. Now the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission will decide Adamson’s guilt or innocence, and decide punishment.

“No one in America should be forced to express messages they disagree with,” argues Campbell, comparing Adamson’s situation to a black business owner forced to promote the racist message of the Klu Klux Klan.

“Or how about if we force a supporter of same-sex marriage to promote the idea that marriage is the union of a man and a woman,” Campbell says.

At the original hearing this summer, a spokesman for the homosexual group, citing the city ordinance, said a homosexual printer in Lexington would be forced to take a t-shirt order from Westboro Baptist Church. The notorious Kansas church demonstrates with signs that read, “God hates fags” among other hateful slogans.

On its website, ADF included a 30-second audio clip of the gay activist discussing Westboro and the Lexington ordinance.

Adamson’s legal troubles mirror a movie produced by American Family Studios, “Accidental Activist,” about a t-shirt printer whose business is targeted by homosexuals after he signs a petition defending traditional marriage.


Copyright OneNewsNow.com. Reprinted with permission.


By Ron Ewart
March 19, 2014

“Humans have the innate propensity to take a moment in time and attempt to preserve that moment as a sacred moment for all time and do so using propaganda, myths, distortions and lies, or by forcing public policy and lobbying for new laws. Such is the state of environmentalists and environmentalism today. They think in terms of short spans of time, as in a generation, or a century. They fail to realize that time is dynamic, ever-changing and ever-evolving over tens of thousands and millions of years. In the process, certain species survive by adapting and new species erupt to fill the changing environment, including humans. Every day species go extinct as eco-systems change in response to natural forces ….. or human forces. That is the story of non-linear dynamic systems on planet Earth. Neither the Earth nor time, stand still. Man can’t freeze time. Man can only temporarily alter it for short periods. What environmentalists also fail to realize is the disastrous affects their policies and laws have on real Americans who must suffer the consequences of environmentalists and government trying to “freeze” time with draconian, unconstitutional environmental laws.” -Ron Ewart

Life on Earth offers many, what are called non-linear dynamic systems. Eco-systems, oceans, the weather, the stock market, commerce and trade, currency exchange, welfare and the poor and the behavior of people, are just a few examples. They are characterized by having many different variables that determine their instantaneous conditions. Each can be altered dramatically with small changes in one or more variables. Government, by far, is the worst perpetrator of messing with non-linear dynamic systems that end up having disastrous unintended consequences. These unintended consequences are abundantly apparent by observing the Obama Care disaster and the irreversible damage it is doing to the American health care system. Radical environmental law is doing the same thing to constitutional safeguards on property rights.

Every week we get calls or e-mails from landowners from all over America who have come up against the consequences of environmental law, passed by governments who are lobbied by radical environmentalists. The foundation of most environmental laws come from the United Nations radical Agenda 21 accord adopted by over 170 nations, including the United States, at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The flawed premise of Agenda 21 is that man is a virus that must be rigorously controlled in all forms of behavior, in order to save the planet. That control, defined by Agenda 21, takes no account of American constitutional property rights. In fact, it tramples all over those rights.

Here is a response from one of those “faces” of radical environmentalism, a family that was destroyed by the Army Corps of Engineers, who charged the family with filling in a wetland, a federal offense, but the family wasn’t filling in a wetland. The family had all the permits to do what they were doing but the Army Corps ran rough shod over them in court and their permits were ruled inadmissible. The family lost a going business, their entire savings and their farm to the fight with the Army Corps of Engineers. They were literally left on the street with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The following words from the surviving spouse of this family are heart wrenching.

“Until America becomes aware and fights justice for just “one individual family” being destroyed, how we were and others, it’s evident “the takings” will continue one by one until all is gone and the American dream left desolate and completely lost. After all, it wasn’t their fight ….. it wasn’t their property taken ….. it wasn’t their family destroyed to death!”

“It was corruption at the highest. We fought with truth long and hard. Courts did not want to hear the truth, only the lies that drove their agenda. That’s how the system works. It is entwined with a political agenda wrapped up in lies signed by high-powered attorneys and politicians. Yes, all in the name of fighting against “Private Property Rights”. A twisted unbelievable story but the facts are clear! It’s like how Benghazi is being handled now!””You are right on when you say that most people do not realize how big this issue is, with Americans being taken down one by one. Those that believe that way have not lost like we have. It was 3 years on Feb 9th that my husband passed instantly from so much stress. His hard work and fight all those years in what he believed in, finally overcame him when he had to face his children and what they lost too from the loss of our farm and business. It was too much for him. The stress just sort of ate away at him. He passed in an instant and I know God took him as easy as he could because he worked so hard his whole life for the love of his family and then lost it all. Our sons lost all and he could hardly face it. His faith in God was much but his heart was broken. We tried to start over so we could financially take care of our selves and we couldn’t even finish that when he went to rest. I am still trying to do little by little for myself, still hoping I can find a way to proceed, or get something together for some income.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we can assure you that this is not an isolated story. Here is another.

“In the middle of the night Raven heard clanging and banging near her hayfield, down by the tide gates that kept the Grays River from flooding her property at high tide. The tide gates were installed many decades ago near the mouth of the Columbia River, where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. These tide gates were essential in protecting prime agricultural property from tide and river flooding in the Grays River valley and other valleys feeding the Columbia River.”

“Raven bought her land in 1999, not knowing the horror she would endure at the hands of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFW) and two non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) known as the Columbia Land Trust (CLT) and another NGO, Ducks Unlimited (DU). Armed with millions of dollars of federal grant money, USFW and the two NGO’s set about to restore the Grays River to its pre-human days, in the pursuit of salmon habitat recovery.”

In Raven’s own words she writes: “CLT, in partnership with Ducks Unlimited and USFW, began immediately. A 36-inch tide gate was replaced with two 13-foot culverts. Sloughs were filled in. In 2005 CLT asked me to give them my land. I refused. More sloughs were filled in, a county road made lower in some areas and higher across my property. Trees with Eagles nests were bulldozed. The only thing left alive, were the mosquitoes. The chum salmon get swooshed onto my fields where they flop around and die. The rivers depth went from 21 feet to 9 feet due to the increased sediment and debris thrown into the river, thus destroying fish spawning areas. Much of their so-called restoration work was done in the dead of night so that it would go unnoticed by the locals.”

“On December 31, 2005 my home, property and barns were flooded. My home and the out buildings stayed immersed in water until March 17 2006. My utility room flooded, destroying my freezer, all the food, linen, and all supplies that were stored there. With each high tide, the water got deeper and the property itself stayed flooded until late June. Almost everything was a total loss. No automobiles ran, classic cars destroyed, a professional automotive shop and all the tools gone. My home had extensive damage. CLT requested I give them the property. Again, I refused.”

“I repaired what I could. It took me two months to get enough money to buy a used van. In the meantime I had to hitchhike to work. My minimal insurance would not cover anything because the insurance company determined my loss was from third-party error. The ‘third-party’ refused my demand for damages.”

“When my property flooded, I had three-to-four foot waves crashing on to my house. It sounded as though I was at the beach. I live 25 miles inland. The water filled my property, then headed east, flooding Altoona highway and the Scott’s Bed & Breakfast. Since USFW and the NGO’s started this salmon recovery project, my property has flooded eleven times. I am out of money and have nothing left to fight with. The government agency and the NGO’s don’t care. It appears to me, that neither does anyone else.”

Raven eventually gave up, abandoned her land and moved to Idaho to live with relatives. This is just one more story out of the thousands of stories just like it, as these kinds of government/private partnerships are terrorizing rural landowners for the sake of fish, wildlife habitat restoration, endangered species and other environmental projects, driven by the United Nations Agenda 21 accord. Each one of these two stories is true because we have personally talked with both of them.

Multiply these two stories by tens of thousands and you just might get the size and scope of the injustice being inflicted on rural landowners in the name of radical environmentalism. We could tell you many more such stories. The fact is, constitutional protected property rights under Agenda 21 have become meaningless, as the onslaught of environmental carnage through law and bureaucratic rule making continue unabated and the hapless American rural landowner, acting alone, is powerless to stop it.

As a tribute to these forgotten faces of radical environmentalism, we have prepared a 12-minute video based on one of our last year’s article with the same name. It is a must viewing for any urban or rural landowner.

“Rural America In The Cross Hairs”

These same types of individual injustices being inflicted on rural landowners are also being inflicted on tens of thousands of American taxpayers who find themselves in the jaws of the IRS. In the hopes we can provide some clarity to the IRS dilemma, be sure to visit our IRS information website HERE.

© 2014 Ron Ewart — All Rights Reserved

Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America”, is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO) a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners. Mr. Ewart can be reached by e-mail.

Website: http://www.narlo.org

E-Mail: info@narlo.org



By Lynn Stuter
October 29, 2013

It seems that parents, across the United States, are upset and angry about Common Core.

Ummmm, folks, I really have to ask – where you’all been all these years?

Systems education is called by lot of different names – Outcome-based Education; Proficiency-Based Education; Performance-Based Education, Competency-Based Education, Standards-Based Education … It’s called “education reform” by your local teachers and administrators who were around back in the early 1990’s. In the realm of education transformation, there are probably teachers and administrators from back then remaining; they’ve been drummed out as they realized the ultimate goal of systems education was not education for intelligence and objected. Parents, today, undoubtedly think education, as now conceived, is as it has always been. Nothing could be further from the truth. There was a day when education was for the purpose of producing a child who could access a broad spectrum of knowledge, and utilize that knowledge to formulate a reasoned conclusion as an individual. That concept is foreign to systems education, the focus of which, under the paradigm shift, is the exact opposite – the dumbed-down child, easily led, easily manipulated, easily used.

Full implementation if systems education, as opposed to the piece-meal programs tested and perfected in various schools and classrooms around the country, started with the tome, A Nation at Risk, under President Ronald Reagan in April 1983; full implementation continued under President George H.W. Bush (America 2000), President William J. Clinton (Goals 2000 and School to Work), President George H. Bush, and now Obama (who is not our legal president; therefore, I refuse to address him as such).

Democrat or Republican, the education transformation agenda has moved along just as planned. The ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act), reauthorized every five years, became the funding mechanism for the strategic plans, moving education reform from where we are now to where we want to be in five years; the aforesaid “we” being the planners and those people who ignorantly buy in to the agenda as stakeholders through the facilitated process known as the Delphi Technique. The purpose of thestakeholder is so public buy-in and support can be claimed, nothing more; such then claimed to represent the people when nothing could be further from the truth. As has been shown, too many times, the stakeholder has no clue what he/she just agreed to, represents no one, and certainly not the public, at large. Most times, stakeholders are carefully chosen to participate because of their ignorance of the process of facilitating a group to a predetermined outcome.

Under Clinton, the strategic plan was known as the Improving America’s Schools Act; under Bush II, the No Child Left Behind Act; under Obama, The Race to the Top – all exactly the same thing for the exact same purpose – furthering the systemic entrenching of systems education.

But education reform, education transformation, ie, systems education, is even older than the Reagan administration. In reality, it finds basis in the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and a whole host of disciples of Marxism, including John Dewey, a self-avowed Marxist who saw education as the means of advancing Marxist ideology through the children. Books written by disciples of Dewey’s doctrine are replete with the concept of education as the means of changing belief systems, of changing the way the child views the world, of changing the child’s world view, of a paradigm shift from the Christian world view on which our nation was founded to the Marxist world view which also has a history in the former U.S.S.R. and China (communist), in Germany under Hitler (national socialism or Nazism), in Italy under Mussolini (fascist) – the three faces of Marxism; the three heads of the same evil, vile, oppressive snake body!

Barack Obama is a Marxist. He really and truly believes that you, the individual, isn’t smart enough to run your own life; that you will be much better off when the federal government runs every aspect of your life in the name of the common good, the collective.

Of course, this is the same government that …

 has spent millions of taxpayer dollars building a healthcare website that doesn’t work (Obamacare);

 has bankrupted Social Security;

 has bankrupted Medicare;

 can’t balance a budget and is $17.1 trillion in debt;

 can’t run the postal service in the black;

 runs the TriCare healthcare system for the military; a system riddled with corruption, fraud, and inefficiency;

 has spent trillions on the War on Poverty, yet poverty continues to grow, encompassing more and more people;

 has spent trillions on the War on Drugs, yet drugs are more prevalent and a bigger problem in our society than when the program originated;

 has spent trillions on the War on Terror, yet terrorism continues and increases.

Beyond this, anyone with even an ounce of discernment knows that Barack Obama has done more to destroy America; to destroy the middle class; to destroy the economy; to destroy freedom, liberty and justice, than any legal president before him.

In A Nation At Risk it is stated,

If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.

What the tome didn’t say was that what was being proposed, in the venue of transforming education, was truly an act of war upon America, the American people, and the principles and values of our Founding Fathers and founding documents!

In the realm of education reform, the names may change, the agenda does not. Every parent needs to understand this. Education reform is a systemintended to produce a specific outcome; that outcome is the global citizen – a not too well-educated worker (vs. an employee) willing to labor for minimal compensation in the greater good of the collective whole in the sustainable global environment.

In the last thirty years, companies have moved from having employees to having human resources. Under the paradigm shift, people are not more than human capitol, seen only in terms of their productivity in the workplace, just like a machine! What do you do when your car becomes a high-miler, is costly to maintain, is not longer fuel-efficient? Do you keep it or do you trade it in on a newer, more efficient, more cost-effective model? It is worthy of note, at this point, that Obamacare (H.R. 3590 or the Affordable Care Act) will ensure that older people are allowed to die as they are no longer efficient, are no longer as productive, cost more to maintain – they are termed useless eaters. The same will be true of the handicapped, mentally deficient, and disabled! One of those realities of Marxism that Barack Obama doesn’t want you to know about; hopes you don’t realize until it’s too late and the grip of tyranny silences dissent. Hitler did the same thing in Germany!

In the realm of education transformation, Common Core started out asEducational Objectives; became exit outcomes (generic term) under Goals 2000; became Achieve standards under Achieve, established by the National Governors Association; became National Education Standards underEducation Testing Service (which controls the National Assessment of Education Progress or NAEP); now they are known as Common Core. They are not new; their name has just been changed, multiple times, to protect the guilty – those who truly believe they know better than you what you should know and believe, what your children should know and believe!

By whatever name known, the exit outcomes all align to the eight national goals of Goals 2000 which are aligned to the SCANS Competencies. SCANS stands for Secretaries Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills that was headed by Secretary of Labor, Elizabeth Dole (wife of Bob Dole), under George Herbert Walker Bush (otherwise known as Papa Bush) clear back in the early 1990’s. Many of the people who sat on the SCANS board also took part in the Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce (CSAW), a commission of the National Center on Education and the Economy headed by Marc Tucker, friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and self-avowed Marxist. CSAW wrote and published America’s Choice: high skills or low wages! in which Hillary Rodham Clinton’s name appears, along with several others that sat on the SCANS board.

From that particular tome, page 25, this quote,

“But in a broad survey of employment needs across America, we found little evidence of a far-reaching desire for a more educated workforce.”

Parents continually hear the term, world-class standards. While such suggests higher standards, what the term really means is standards based on the lowest common denominator; in other words, substandard education, dumbed-down education. Under education transformation, shifting theparadigm, what parents think the terms mean, and what the terms really mean, are exact opposites – what was up is now down, and what was down is now up; what was good is now bad, and what was bad is now good; what was black is now white, what is white is now black.

But, you say, the Goals 2000 law sunset long ago. In that you would be absolutely correct if what was implemented, under Goals 2000, had also sunset. It did not. Goals 2000 put in place the system on which the new system of education would operate. That system did not sunset when Goals 2000 sunset. That system is still very much in place. That system finds basis in systems philosophy or systems thinking.

Getting back to exit outcomes, I have a book, titled Content Knowledge, put out by McCREL Labs – one of the ten national education laboratories – in 1995. I will bet there is not one Common Core standard that isn’t listed in that book. NWREL – another national education laboratory, residing in Portland, Oregon – put out a similar tome in 1971.

And long before Content Knowledge we had Bloom’s Taxonomies of Educational Objectives; a two-volume set covering the cognitive and affective domains, published in 1956. I will bet there is not one Common Core standard that doesn’t find basis in those books either, since systems education is what the taxonomies are all about!

Whether we call the exit outcomes Common Core, or Essential Academic Learning Requirements, or by some other new name intended to further the old agenda but mislead parents into believing they are something new, they are still exit outcomes; they’ve been in existence for a very long time, and they run the show in the classroom under systems education; they are what every child shall demonstrate mastery of, which is determined by the assessment, the tool used to determine if the child is demonstrating the wantedbehavior/procedure.

The curriculum used to teach the exit outcomes only incorporates knowledge as it is used and applied in teaching a unit theme or thematic unit finding basis in the four global goals of systems education – world economy, world ecology, world security and world population growth. Knowledge that is not required, in teaching the unit theme or thematic unit is not taught. The focus of the unit theme or thematic unit is why parents are finding objectionable curriculum in their child’s classroom; curriculum that promotes (in no particular order, neither inclusive nor exclusive) …

 perverted sex, sexuality and homosexuality;

 feminism and women’s rights while disparaging our Founding Fathers;

 liberation theology – the concept that minorities are the oppressed, whites the oppressors; that minorities must rise up against whites, if by violent means, so be it (the ideology of Trayvon Martin and numerous other blacks and Hispanics)

 idolization of communist thugs such as Cesar Chavez;

 individuality, individualism and individual rights are bad and must be replaced by the collective or common good;

 freedom of speech should be reserved exclusively to those who promote Marxist ideology;

· Marxist activism;

 those who promote freedom, liberty and justice are racists;

 the concept that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are archaic, out-dated, and irrelevant;

 government as overseer of the collective or common good;

 the individual right to keep and bear arms (Second Amendment) is antithetical to the collective or common good;

 social justice (ie, communism, communitarianism, Marxism);

 the concept that parents and grandparents are responsible for the environmental destruction of the world – the brown earth syndrome that is the focal point of rabid environmental groups such as Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club, Earth First, World Wildlife Fund, Conservation Northwest, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative (neither inclusive nor exclusive);

 individual wealth and the ability to attain wealth through one’s own endeavor and hard work is bad, redistribution of wealth is good (for the proletariat or working class) [the bourgeoisie (elitists or ruling class) are allowed to accumulate and hold wealth and are not spoken of, ergo, the fact that Obama thinks American wealth should be redistributed but should not include his, or his comrade’s wealth];

 the concept that every world view is good except Christianity – the only world view under which freedom, liberty and justice can reign supreme, the world view upon which our nation was founded.

For all parents, now upset about Common Core, I suggest you pick up a copy of Charlotte Isberbyt’s very excellent book on the history of systems education in the United States, the deliberate dumbing down of america; that you educate yourselves on the history of what has been going on in your local schools, full time, since the late 1980’s under such nifty names as Schools for the 21st Century, America 2000, Goals 2000 and School-to-Work. And don’t forget the Workforce Investment Board, under the auspices of the federal government, that will, utilizing regional economic development strategies and labor market needs, determine what career paths are available to the child, also to the unemployed adult who must be retrained.

The book, the deliberate dumbing down of america, can be found onCharlotte’s website. Many excellent documents, on the history of what you are seeing in your local government indoctrination center, ie, your local public school, can be found on another of Charlotte’s websites.

To understand what you are looking at, in the realm of systems education, visit my website.

In closing, what I find so ironic, in all of this, is that when those of us, who had done the research, tried to tell parents, back in the 1990’s, what was coming, we were scoffed at, laughed at, called names, ridiculed, harassed, and told that we couldn’t possibly know – we weren’t “experts”. At this point, we would have every right to say, “I told you so.” Unfortunately, that does little to change the fact that systems education is destroying our children and our country – just as intended.

Any parent, who loves his/her child, who does not want to see this country or the Constitution and Bill or Rights destroyed, who is a true-blue American patriot, will not send his/her child to be indoctrinated in the government schools. It’s just that simple. Any Christian who sends his/her child to the government schools is not truly a Christian as no Christian would sacrifice their child to Satan. And so-called Christian who tells you that his/her child serves as a witness to others in the government schools is ignorant of the techniques being used to brainwash children.

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© 2013 Lynn M. Stuter – All Rights Reserved

Activist and researcher, Stuter has spent the last fifteen years researching systems theory and systems philosophy with a particular emphasis on education as it pertains to achieving the sustainable global environment. She home schooled two daughters. She has worked with legislators, both state and federal, on issues pertaining to systems governance, the sustainable global environment and education reform. She networks nationwide with other researchers and a growing body of citizens concerned about the transformation of our nation from a Constitutional Republic to a participatory democracy. She has traveled the United States and lived overseas.

Web site: www.learn-usa.com

E-Mail: lmstuter@learn-usa.com


More States Pass Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation to Protect Private Property Rights

sanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
March 7, 2013

The Oklahoma State legislature has passed HB 1412 through the Oklahoma State’s Rights Committee to halt implementation of Agenda 21 within state limits.

HB 1412 was written to ensure that “the state or any political subdivision of the state shall not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe upon or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development and any of its subsequent modifications, a resolution adopted by the United Nations in 1992 at its Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and commonly known as the Earth Summit and reconfirmed in its Rio+20 Conference held in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012, or any other international law or ancillary plan of action that contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the Oklahoma Constitution.”

The Oklahoma Senate version, SB 23 was proposed late last year and reintroduced by the Energy Committee last month. Should this bill pass, Agenda 21 would be prohibited on state, county and municipal levels.

Iowa State Senate Representative Ralph Watts championed a bill that would stop Agenda 21 from taking over land in Iowa.

State Representative Dawn Pettengill voiced fear that Agenda 21 would force residents out of rural areas to be crowded into densely populated areas.

In Missouri, State Representative Lyle Rowland explained to the Tourism committee that Agenda 21 was taking over the nation and that they must act to prevent this scheme from stealing land in Missouri.

Main State Representative Ricky Long has introduced a bill that would make implementation of international governance illegal within state limits. Long explained that Agenda 21 “would also threaten the sovereignty of our government as well as our established policies and civil liberties by binding us to a contract of global governance.”

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has supported Agenda 21, which “has struck out seeking the destruction of our [Constitutional republic]” and “threatens our nation’s sovereignty.”

In March of 2012 Mayor Beth Van Duyne and city manager Tommy Gonzalez of Irving, Texas have inspired Tennessee to pass a Joint Resolution 587 to condemn Agenda 21 as “destructive and insidious.” They have unabashedly explained the nefarious agenda of the UN for America. This resolution strongly admonishes the deceptive language of these policies; as they are designed to coerce the public.

Tennessee also resolved an anti-Agenda 21 resolution that failed to receive Governor Bill Haslam’s signature.

Next the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to ban UN Agenda 21 polices. This legislation would prevent local, county and state governments from adopting the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) programs.

NH is not the only state to pass anti-Agenda 21 legislation.

In Kansas, House Resolution 6032 was approved that quashed Agenda 21 from taking over the state.

Alabama passed an all-encompassing law to protect private property rights against the tyranny of Agenda 21. SB 477, known as the “Due Process for Property Rights” Act was passed in both the Alabama House and Senate, and signed into law by Governor Robert Bentley.

At the UN 2012 Conference on Sustainable Development, governments and private sector corporations pledged to fund the UN’s endeavors toward global governance with a generous $513 billion for Agenda 21 project that will restrict the movements of humans, perverse biodiversity and assist the UN in attaining their Millennium Development Goals.

rio20-summit-take-two-un-revisits-key-environmental-issues-45408-600x453UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was thrilled that so much money had been given to the UN. “These huge numbers give a sense of the scale and growth of investment going into sustainable development. They are part of a growing global movement for change. Our job now is to create a critical mass, an irresistible momentum.”

Corporations like PepsiCo, and Virgin’s CEO Richard Branson project Carbon War Room are receiving $2 billion from the US government.

Jose-Angel Gurria, secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development, explained: “Without the private sector it’s not going to work. While governments put up the seed money, the big numbers come from the private sector. The private sector is looking at green growth with great interest, seeing it as an opportunity, as jobs, as investment.”

Academia and universities in places like Bejing, Sydney, Paris and New York will conduct and fund Agenda 21 projects on mega-city sustainability. Most of the $1 trillion allotted will go to projects in turbine, solar, biofuel and geothermal energy.

As far as Ki-moon is concerned, the money from corporations and governments cannot come at a better time. Ki-moon claims that “words must translate into action” with regard to moving the environmental governance agenda forward.

Ki-moon says that since the first UNCSD, the incremental slide toward total global governance has spawned UN conventions on climate change, biodiversity and desertification, as well as the Agenda 21 blueprint for sustainable development, yet “progress has been too slow – we have not gone far enough down the road. We are now in sight of a historic agreement – the world is waiting to see if words will translate into action, as we know they must.”

Obama’s war on Suburbs.

PART 3 of 7

By Kelleigh Nelson

July 13, 2012

Norfolk Southern Railroad announced in 2009 that it would build a $129 million intermodal rail yard terminal on 570 acres in newly annexed land in Rossville, which is in rural Fayette County. The map of the plan shows the site for the yard, which will include a rail spur from Norfolk Southern’s main line north of Tenn. 57 and an access road to U.S. 72 in Mississippi.

The original site chosen was known as the “Windyke” site because it is owned by the proprietors of Memphis’ Windyke Country Club and was slated for a golf course. Railroads have the power of eminent domain, thus this location could have been chosen despite being owned by the Country Club. Norfolk Southern could have put up to 2,000 trucks a day onto highway Tenn. 57. Several groups were against this site. The Wolf River Conservancy was worried about the effects a large intermodal yard would have on the Wolf River and the Memphis Sands aquifer, which is the source of public drinking water. Southern Fayette Alliance was another group formed by Buck Clark as a non-profit to keep the rail yard from being built on this site and polluting the Wolf River. This site was six miles east of Degan’s Wolf River Airport.

The City of Memphis was practically giving the railroad a site in the Frank C. Pidgeon Industrial Park on what is called President’s Island. It is literally on the Mississippi River, just South of the Hanrahan bridge. They would have had rail, riverboat, and trucking, but they just didn’t want to go into downtown Memphis.

Since William Adair had purchased his 3,000 acre farm and was planning to build his rural development of Piperton Hills on it, Buck Clark, from Wolf River Conservancy, and Southern Fayette Alliance, approached Adair about using some of Adair’s site for the rail yard. Buck had land adjacent to Adair’s property. Since Adair had a 3,000 acre ranch, he said he’d sell them the 300 to 600 acres they needed and make it adjacent to his Piperton Hills development. Then he’d get it rezoned so the rail yard would be in Rossville. What he did was buy farmland in the surrounding area. None of the Aldermen of the City of Rossville, population under 1,000, approved whatever Adair and Clark were going to do, but instead gave them carte blanche to do as they pleased with Norfolk Southern. When Norfolk Southern intimated they would use eminent domain to take some of Adair’s property, he wasn’t as cozy with them as he once was, but they have still remained in business together. Adair’s development company is doing the dirt moving work for the rail yard facility, moving over 3.4 million yards.

Intermodal freight transport involves the transportation of freight in anintermodal container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation(railship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes from truck to rail, or from ship to rail, etc. Norfolk Southern’s rail yard will receive 4,000 to 5,000 trucks per day and deliver containers to be off-loaded on the trains for delivery. This intermodal will allegedly remove up to a million long-haul trucks from the road. That’s one million jobs being cut.

The Intermodal will serve as a key component of the railroad’s CrescentCorridor, a 2,500-mile, $2.5 billion public-private partnership rail network linking the southeastern and northeastern U.S. The $105 million terminal is a part of the railroad’s Crescent Corridor program of projects to establish a high-speed intermodal freight rail route linking the Gulf Coast and the Northeast. Anyone else find the name “Crescent” rather disturbing?

Sixty U.S. legislators endorsed the Crescent Corridor concept, including U.S. Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker of Tennessee and U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis. Alexander and Corker have proven themselves to be on board with UN Agenda 21, along with Representative Cohen.

The railroad is planning to fund $31 million of the project’s $112 million price tag, and the state had requested $81.2 million in federal stimulus money under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009’sTransportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery (TIGER) Program. Norfolk Southern received $105 million in federal stimulus money and will use half that money, or $52.5 million, for the facility. The other half will be used for an intermodal facility in Birmingham, Ala. I’m sick of trillions of tax dollars being given to private corporations under the guise of stimulus!

As for their green claim, residents are wondering how green it can be. Trees are being felled, ponds are being drained, streams are being bulldozed, and roads are being built over the area’s rolling hills in preparation for hundreds – and later thousands – of trucks coming in and out each day.

Governor Bill Haslam says, “I’m excited about the jobs this project will bring to Fayette County and Tennessee. My administration continues to focus on making Tennessee the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high-quality jobs, and this project is indicative of why one of our target industry clusters for job growth is transportation, logistics, and distribution.” Haslam tells Tennessee the intermodal’s projection for jobs by 2020 is 6,200, and by 2030 9,000 new jobs. What he doesn’t tell you is that 1.3 million truck drivers will lose their jobs. In reality, very few jobs are actually created at the Intermodal Facility, perhaps 15. The ancillary jobs might come from other corporate relocations there, which would inevitably mean additional stream mitigation.

The list of supporters of this intermodal system reads like a Who’s Who of UN Agenda 21 promoters all under the guise of going “green,” and saving the highways, fuel, interstate congestion, and of course fewer tons of CO2 released annually.

Adair and Norfolk Southern’s Intermodal Rail Yard

This story sounds like countless other stories we’ve heard about big government, the elite, and the trampling of the little guy’s rights, but it’s not, it’s way, way more. This story affects not only Woody Degan’s family airport, it affects every citizen in the State of Tennessee. This man and his brother are fighting for the God-given rights of every citizen in our state and perhaps the country. When the citizens of a state lose control of their water to the state government, all the rest of the dominos in the UN Agenda 21 program will fall. Here’s what happened in 2008 before the Waste Water Treatment Plant and Norfolk Southern Intermodal was started.

Ronnie Lee is a personal friend of the Degan family, and he’s also a real estate agent who works for William Adair. In 2008, Ronnie had talked to Woody and his brother Reg about buying the whole airport. However, the Degans never gave him a price because they didn’t want to sell. Shortly thereafter, Southwest Management of Phoenix, AZ sent a surveyor to snoop around the airport to look at the land, and ask about them selling some of the land off the end of the runway. Woody said no, that it would make the runway too short. What was happening is the developers were looking at putting the rail yard right smack next to the airport, while Adair and the City of Piperton were looking at putting the Waste Water Treatment Plant adjacent to the airport.

The first letter Woody received from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) stated they were going to impact one of his streams because they were doing some work upstream on a project and it would impact so much land and so forth. They stated the developer was going to participate in the Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program and that’s how the damages would be offset.

Several months later Woody received a letter from the Corps of Engineers that stated the same thing, except it was on another stream they were buying on the other side and they would be participating in the same program to offset damages.

Woody couldn’t understand why he was getting very similar letters on two different streams from two different agencies. The key here is that the Corps of Engineers is doing their books for them on the state level. They do their reports so they can keep it off the state books and this is to get around both the State Water Act and the federal Clean Water Act. There is no legislation that allows this, either at the federal or state level. It is done just so they can keep their developments going in spite of being illegal.

The letters were about the development of an intermodal rail yard by Norfolk Southern which is right across the street from Wolf River Airport. It is basically a hub for trains. They come in, reconfigure and go back out. Woody and his family are all for the rail yard and the corporations that will surround it as this will help his business, but he can’t operate if he’s a foot under water.
As mentioned above, the Windyck site was six miles east of the present location, but the opposition was so heavy because it was going to pollute the Wolf River Watershed being so close to the river. The runoff and drainage would go into the river and kill the fish. Exactly the same thing is happening now at the present site in Rossville in Fayette County, Tennessee. These two streams converge on Woody’s property, and the north end of Woody’s property abuts the Wolf River. The Rossville location is closer to the interstate, so they mitigated here. They also knew about Adair, who was already doing a development in the same area, and they bought the acreage from him.

There are federal stipulations or advisories from the FAA, the National Transportation Administration, the Corps of Engineers, the EPA, and they are all signatory to these “Memorandums of Agreement,” stating they will NOT DO exactly what they’re doing. So, not only are they getting around the federal Clean Water Act, they are doing things in close proximity to the airport that they shouldn’t be doing. The state wants this project for the jobs the ancillary businesses surrounding the intermodal will create. Everyone understands this. It is actually a perfect situation with an airport and an intermodal with surrounding supporting businesses.

However, this intermodal rail yard did not have to be near the Wolf River Airport. The City of Memphis was practically giving them a place called President’s Island. The infrastructure was there, the rails were there, the land was available, but they refused it. There is enough unoccupied building inventory around the country, that we shouldn’t even have to talk about mitigation.

There is now a stream outside of Woody’s building at the airport that is nine feet deep in pristine, white, hard-edged sand, which means that sand hasn’t been in the creek for long, and it is clean without other mixed dirt. This means that sand most likely came from underground, which also means the project hit an aquifer. This is a Memphis sand aquifer feeder so this project is potentially polluting the groundwater. An environmental assessment was paid for by the project itself, and done by the Irish company, American Engineering Consultants (AMEC). The assessment stated there is a 50/50 probability of breaching the aquifer and polluting it.

The developers were sent numerous letters of complaint by Woody and his brother and their representatives, and then the developers lied saying they’d never received them, until they had to produce them in state court. The entire cadre of state organizations has misrepresented facts and has lied all the way up to the Environment Conservation Committee in Nashville, TN. The developers and state organizations have lied from the beginning to where they are now.The project developers, Norfolk Southern, along with AMEC, and the former Attorney General, Paul Summers, of the State of Tennessee, came and sat in the airport office, at their request, and showed Woody and his brother maps. They knew there was an airport, and they knew the airport was federally numbered. When they produced their Environmental Assessment and all of their official TDEC paperwork, they left the airport completely out of any Environmental Assessment they did. In fact, they stated that all the downstream use for the land use was agricultural. The airport has been flooded twice. The plan is for 34 to 35 Corporations to locate around this project, so what’s going to happen when they start hard surfacing land that used to absorb runoff? The first flood caused the airport to lose computers, records, and filing cabinets that ended up turned over. The condition of the property, including the grass, was so damaged that it was back to square one to repair the loss.


They know Wolf River Airport has been flooded multiple times as a result of what they’ve done. They were in court arguing about not having an impact while Burlington Northern trains were stopped at the creek crossing, refusing to go across because they considered the water level too dangerous. The water was actually coming up over the rail tracks. An engineer for Burlington Northern, who shares tracks with Norfolk Southern, halted his train and refused to cross the stream bridge when the tracks were flooded. The cost of that delay came to approximately $1 million per hour.


Trucks and backhoes show up at the crossing, on the Airport’s private road, and Woody goes out to ask what they’re doing. They don’t want to tell Woody that they’ve put the rail on restriction because an engineer from Burlington refused to cross it. Norfolk Southern, AMEC and TDEC all say everything’s okay, but Burlington Northern who is not part of this conspiracy, says otherwise.

Part 4 will explain the impact on neighboring properties and the pollution of the aquifers that supply the area’s drinking water.


Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. Kelleigh is presently the secretary for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, a strong freedom advocate group.

Website: www.rockytopfreedom.com

E-Mail: Proverbs133@bellsouth.net


Exclusive: Brian Sussman covers Rio U.N. conference 20 years after Agenda 21’s birth

Published: 1 day ago

author-imageby BRIAN SUSSMANEmail Archive

Brian Sussman is the author of “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda Will Dismantle America.” He also hosts the morning-drive radio show on KSFO in San Francisco.More ↓
  • The U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development is wrapping up in Rio de Janeiro, and we’re all gonna die. That’s the claim made by the eco-tyrannists at this years’ annual international environmental confab. Just the mere presence of so many human beings, they claim, is enough to send the entire world into a complete species meltdown, much like the cataclysmic event that killed off the dinosaurs millions of years ago.

This year’s gathering of representatives from virtually every nation (and environmental organization) on the planet is meant to further the goals presented at the first Rio “Earth Summit” in 1992, via a detailed plan known as Agenda 21 – the global political agenda for the 21st century. The 1992 conference was unique in that it made global warming a household term, introduced the planet to Al Gore and presented the details of a term conjured up by U.N. masterminds nearly 10 years earlier: “sustainable development.”

In short, sustainable development insists that the human species is certainly no more significant than any other species on the planet, and in fact should be discriminated against because, left unchecked, it will do great harm or even destroy all other species. Sustainable development is described by its architect, Maurice Strong, founder of the U.N. Environmental Program, as akin to “putting our planet, Earth Incorporated, if you will, on a sound business basis.”

That “business plan” sees liberty-loving humans as carriers of a plague. It’s prescribed cure is liberty-sapping, heavy-handed regulations and laws designed to control human behavior.

As for Agenda 21, as I write in “Eco-Tyranny,” it’s sustainable development’s version of a PowerPoint presentation. The Agenda begins with a preamble that speaks “the fulfillment of basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and managed ecosystems and a safer, more prosperous future. No nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can – in a global partnership for sustainable development.”

It should be no surprise that Agenda 21 deems universal health care a “right.” It also redefines wealth, insisting on “the need for new concepts of wealth and prosperity.” The Agenda also encourages government-sponsored societal brainwashing, stating, “Achieving the goals of environmental quality and sustainable development will require … changes in consumption patterns.” Indeed, “Governments themselves [can] also play a role in [determining] consumption … and can have a considerable influence on both corporate decisions and public perceptions.”

Of course, Agenda 21 also heralds the abolition of private property rights, something Maurice Strong began pushing via the U.N. in 1976 at the Conference on Human Settlements, aka “Habitat I.” At the event Strong proclaimed:

  • “Private land ownership is a principal instrument of accumulating wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice. Public control of land use is therefore indispensable.”
  • “Public ownership of land is justified in favor of the common good, rather than to protect the interest of the already privileged.”
  • “Zoning and land-use planning [are to be used] as a basic instrument of land policy in general and of control of land-use changes in particular.”
  • “Fiscal controls [are to be employed], e.g. property taxes, tax penalties and tax incentives [in order to eradicate private lands].

As the Agenda states, governments shall “formulate appropriate land-use policies and introduce planning regulations specially aimed at the protection of eco-sensitive zones against physical disruption by construction and construction-related activities.”

This plank from Rio has done more to abolish physical private property in the United States than any other governmental policy.

Coinciding with its plan to usher us into a brave new world, Agenda 21, is responsible for promoting “green jobs,” as well as high-speed rail and other mass transit projects that “promote the use of labor-intensive construction and maintenance technologies which generate employment in the construction sector for the underemployed labor force found in most large cities.”

And we can’t forget the hidden crown jewel of the sustainable development scheme: population control. Agenda 21 demands, “Population policy should also recognize the role played by human beings in environmental and development concerns.” Additionally the document reveals that the population-control method of choice is abortion. Cloaking their message with terms like “curative health facilities,” (a deceptive alias for abortion clinics), the Agenda declares, “Governments should take active steps to implement programs to establish and strengthen preventive and curative health facilities that include women-centered, women-managed, safe and effective reproductive health care and affordable, accessible services, as appropriate, for the responsible planning of family size.”

Now, as the U.N. doubles down on their global sustainable development ploy in Rio, they are rebranding the issue in a new agenda, alleging that the “greatest threat” facing the planet is the extinction of species.

Trouble is, just like with global warming, extinction of species is not a problem.

The massive species losses being cited in Rio are based on sloppy extrapolations, wild guesses and unfounded presumptions – all force-fed into biased, non-validated, virtual-reality computer models that assume increased carbon dioxide levels will raise global temperatures so high that plants, birds, reptiles and animals will be exterminated.

Like their ridiculous global coolingglobal warming, climate change scenarios, there is no evidence to support any of these bizarre extinction scenarios.

In a nutshell – we’re not gonna die. However, if we let the U.N. have their way, liberty will be pushed to the brink.

Don’t miss Brian Sussman’s brilliant expose of the debilitating green movement: “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America”