WHOA! Texas Just Took This HUGE Step Toward Secession from the United States
By TPIWriter

Texas is a state that has always thrived and prospered. Known for rugged individualism, Texas’ economy has boomed even during the Obama years. They call it the Lone Star Republic because Texas was once an independent nation… And now, it might want to become one AGAIN!

Texas is tired of President Barack Obama’s job-killing and inflation-creating unconstitutional laws. That’s why they are stockpiling massive piles of gold inside of Texas.

Texas is already the only state with its own stockpile of actual gold… Currently at about 5,600 gold bars, which is worth approximately $650 million. At one point, that value was greater than $1 billion.

Now, the Texas Legislature voted to bring their gold bars home – away from a New York bank – and physically into the state! They don’t trust Obama’s federal government, and are worried about the financial system. This is a huge slap to Obama and perhaps a step toward secession. WOW:

“We are honestly at the phase where the questions we are answering are creating more questions that we have to answer,” said Chris Bryan, a [Texas] comptroller’s office spokesman.
Charged with figuring everything out is a four-member task force within the comptroller’s office, which recently dispatched an official to a precious metals conference to study up.

One immediate concern is the possible cost. When Fort Knox was completed in 1936 it cost $560,000 – or roughly $9.2 million in today’s dollars. When Capriglione first introduced his bill in 2013 it had an estimated cost of $23 million.

But Capriglione now thinks private companies would bid to create a depository in exchange for charging storage and service fees.
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