If You’re a Second Amendment Supporter, This Story Will Scare You

Mar 24, 2015 // 8:08am
As seen on Fox and Friends
A federal program could be “choking off” legal businesses that deal in guns and ammunition.

Operation Choke Point is a secretive Obama administration program that was originally intended to help prevent fraud by eliminating access to banks for certain businesses. But now it appears that the program – overseen by the Justice Department, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and other agencies – has been expanded and is being used to target legal businesses that Obama administration officials are opposed to.

Gun store owner Mike Schuetz says the federal government forced his bank to close his recently opened account, all because he’s a legal gun dealer.

Luckily, Schuetz operates a private investigation company and he was able to put his investigatory skills to use and capture chilling audio that reveals why his business was targeted.

Schuetz, who opened Hawkins Guns LLC in Hawkins, Wisconsin, in November 2014, explained to Kimberly Guilfoyle on “Fox and Friends” that he recorded a conversation with Heritage Credit Union, in which the branch manager says that they closed his account because they do not service businesses that deal in guns and ammunition.

“It’s a sad day in America when this can happen to you,” Schuetz told Guilfoyle. “I didn’t realize how big of an issue it was until I started investigating what had happened to me.”

Schuetz said that he hopes a Capitol Hill hearing today will bring light to the situation, put the controversy to rest and hold those behind the Operation Choke Point program accountable.

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