WHOA: Congressman Reveals that at Least 10 ISIS Fighters Have Been Caught Crossing the Border into the U.S.
October 8, 2014 By Greg Campbell

ZGretaThough President Obama has simultaneously pretended that ISIS is the “JV team” of terrorism and that maintaining an open, porous border with Mexico is a humane act, the two seemingly unrelated issues are actually quite related and extremely dangerous for hundreds of millions of Americans.

In an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, California Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter, a member of the House Committee on Armed Services, revealed that at least ten ISIS terrorists have been caught coming over the border in Texas.

In the below clip, Rep. Hunter has the following exchange with Van Susteren:
Greta Van Susteren: You say they’re coming in the southern border which changes the dynamics. Do you have any information or any evidence that they are actually coming in the southern border now?

Rep. Hunter: Yes.

Greta: Tell me what you know?

Rep. Hunter: I know that at least ten ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border in Texas. There’s nobody talking about it.
Rep. Hunter revealed that he received the information from the U.S. Border Patrol.

It’s likely that Obama and other Democrats will charge that Republican fears of terrorists coming over the border are blown out of proportion. However, simply because America has not yet been attacked through this method does not mean that we are not in danger and possibly imminent danger.

Though the U.S. has shaped-up in terms of national security since 9/11, it remains simply unbelievable that Democrats and moderate Republicans can so callously endanger the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans in order to gain favor with the Hispanic population and guilty white liberals who feel that it is a human right to immigrate to the U.S. without going through the proper methods.

In August, TPNN reported on Independent journalist James O’Keefe’s ability to easily cross into the United States from Mexico while wearing an Osama Bin Laden rubber mask. Thankfully, it was just a stunt to showcase the security failings of the porous border, but it seems remarkably clear that the U.S. is in real danger from radical Islam, our porous border and liberal insanity.