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Was the decapitation last month of Colleen Hufford in Moore, Oklahoma, workplace violence or an act of terrorism? It was both, but if a category is necessary, it was clearly an act of terrorism, inspired by ISIS—the radical Islamist organization that is terrorizing much of the Middle East, and which, just days before, encouraged “lone wolf” terrorists to engage in decapitations.

Yet on CBS’ “60 Minutes” Sunday night, Scott Pelley had the first major television interview with FBI Director James Comey, and failed to ask him that very question that has been the topic of so much discussion. While Pelley talked around the subject, Comey, perhaps inadvertently, provided a revealing answer.

Pelley set up his question with this narration: “The FBI is investigating whether the murder [in Moore, Oklahoma] was an imitation of ISIL’s beheadings.”

Then he asked, “Some people call individuals who are radicalized, ‘lone wolves.’ Is that the biggest threat we face?”

Comey replied: “If people use that term, it’s not one I like because it conveys a sense of dignity I don’t think they deserve. These homegrown violent extremists are troubled souls who are seeking meaning in some misguided way and so they come across the propaganda and they become radicalized on their own. Sort of independent study and they’re also able to equip themselves with training, again through the Internet and then engage in jihad after emerging from their basement.”

While Comey was, in effect, acknowledging this heinous act by Alton Nolen, also known as Jah’Keem Yisrael, as an act of jihad, reports and interviews with members of his family suggest it is more likely that Nolen was radicalized in prison than through the Internet. Nolen was released early after serving just two years of a six-year sentence for crimes that included assaulting a police officer and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute,

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough made waves on September 29th when he accused the FBI of dismissing the suspected attacks by Alton Nolen as just “workplace violence.” This decision, he argued, is motivated by “political correctness.” “How stupid does the FBI really think we are, and who exactly are they afraid of offending?” he asked. “Trust me, Muslims are offended by this creep’s actions.”

Scarborough was reacting to a Washington Post report that the FBI had concluded Nolen had no links to terrorism. The Post reported, “Yet these [federal] officials also said that the FBI had found no link to terrorism. They also said there was no indication that Nolen was copying the beheadings of journalists in Syria carried out by the Islamic State. Instead, the officials said, they are treating this as an incident of workplace violence.”