Obama FCC Considering Censoring ‘Redskins’ Name from Broadcast TV

October 1, 2014 By Matthew Burke

Redskins Logo
The Obama Federal Communications Commission has announced that banning the name of the Washington Redskins from broadcast TV, after a white legal activist and George Washington University Law School professor, John F. Banzhaf III, filed a petition with the bureaucracy earlier this month is under consideration.

Professor Banzhaf’s biography on the university’s website says he has earned nicknames such as “Legal Terrorist” and “Legal Flamethrower,” as well as others, and calls him one of the “100 most powerful persons in Washington.”

“We will be dealing with that issue on the merits, and we will be responding accordingly,” Obama FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said at a press conference on Tuesday, as reported by National Journal.


Banzhaf proclaimed the team name a “racist, racially derogatory word,” and if the FCC agrees with the leftist that the word is indecent, Redskins would be censored on over-the-air networks such as CBS, FOX, and ABC, but could not be blocked from cable outlets since they are not considered public airwaves.

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Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who is not Native American, proclaimed the term as suddenly being racist after more than seven decades of little, if any objection to the team name.

However, as TPNN earlier reported, many Native Americans aren’t offended by the term, and in fact embrace it, as the name was originally chosen by Native Americans to honor Native Americans.

In a video released by Redskins Facts, several Native Americans strongly object to those who are pushing to change the Redskin name.

“The Redskins name, it’s always been a term that we felt was a unifying term,” said Mark One Wolf of the Chiricahua/Apache tribe in the video.

Wade Colliflower from the Chippewa Cree Tribe is insulted by those pushing for the name change, saying, “They’ve never asked Native Americans. It’s somebody else who knows nothing about us trying to speak for us and it’s kind of an insult.”

NFL Hall of Famer, Mike Ditka weighed in on the engineered controversy, blaming it on political-correctness, and called the push to change the name from liberals, “so stupid it’s appalling.”

The Wall Street Journal reported last year that there are 500 high schools that use Redskins, Indians, or Braves as their team names.

One school, Red Mesa High School in Arizona, uses the name “Redskins.” It is a public school located on the Navajo Reservation, with attendees nearly 100% Navajo.

The high school’s website even has a tab titled “Redskins News” and features this logo:


Apparently, they do not deem the term is offensive, but a lot of white liberals suddenly do.