New Poll Spells Absolute Disaster for Democrats

May 21, 2014 By Todd Cefaratti

Democrat leaders have continued to maintain that they intend to run on the “success” of Obamacare.

That’s like the White Star Line advertising the “success” of Titanic’s maiden voyage.

However, this continued insistence that Obamacare is an achievement on which Democrats should run for reelection is a blessing for Republicans. Despite the mainstream media hustling for the Democrats to try and spin our nation’s sojourn into socialized medicine as anything but a disaster, even they have not been able to conceal the disastrous consequences of Obamacare.

From the failed rollout to the soaring costs to the cancelled insurance policies, Obamacare has received a bad reputation- and rightfully so.

Democrats ought to be worried. A new poll revealed that 9 out of 10 voters intend to consider Obamacare when voting in the midterm elections.

Yes- 90% of those who will be voting will ponder the effects of Obamacare. With no real success stories of note and only failure after failure having piled up, when voters think Obamacare, they are bound to think of government-sponsored disaster.

Worse yet: this poll comes from Politico- a news source that largely caters to the left. If Politico readers have lost that loving feeling for Obamacare, what does that say about American opinions on the subject as a whole?

The doom and gloom for Democrats rolls on as the IJ Review reports:
Sixty percent of respondents said the debate on the Affordable Care Act is not over, contrary to the President’s claims. And half of those polled say they favor full repeal of the Obamacare law.

The issues currently being used by the Democratic Party to whip up votes – immigration reform and pay equity – don’t even come close as a hot-button issue this year. Only 28 and 16 percent, respectively, said those issues would determine their vote in the midterms.

Not only that, when asked which party they would prefer to vote for, voters say they are more likely to vote for a Republican over a Democrat by 7 points, 41 to 34 percent.

The poll notes that people are feeling a growing distrust of and hostility towards big government and insiders in Washington, DC.

And who can blame them? The Obama administration has “accomplished” nothing of significance except waste trillions of dollars and carry out a disastrous healthcare law that the majority of Americans don’t want.
As we look on in horror at the VA scandal, one obvious observation goes unmentioned by the mainstream media: this is the face of government-run healthcare.