Most parents are thrilled when their children make the honor roll – but one mom is furious! Why? Her son received a C and a D and still made the cut!

Beth Tillack joined Fox and Friends and said that she knows her son is bright and can do well but he wasn’t applying himself. Tillack took away his iPod and his videos games until he was able to get his grades up.

“As I’m trying to teach him to study harder to raise his grades and get his privileges back, he still makes honor roll. So that was a problem,” Tillack said, noting that the honor roll at the school is based on a point system.

When Tillack complained to the school, officials agreed. Pasco County Superintendent Kurt Browning has said, “My plan is to go back to having honor roll by quarter, based on all As or As and Bs. If you made a C, you’re not on the honor roll.

Tillack said that her son isn’t thrilled about the situation, but said, “We’re trying to teach him that’s it not about him particularly, it’s a flaw in the system that needs changing.”