New White House Video Actually Brags About Obama’s Imperial Presidency!

May 6, 2014 By Todd Cefaratti

In a sickening display of hubris, the White House released a video on Monday proudly touting the president’s “accomplishments” with his “year of action” that centers on Unconstitutional power grabs.

Like a propaganda video touting a modern day Great Leap Forward, the video repeatedly harps on President Obama’s willingness to act unilaterally, without Congress.

The video begins ominously with a reminder to the viewer, “Earlier this year in my State of the Union Address, I said that 2014 would be a year of action, and I meant it.”

The president infamously noted in his State of the Union Address that he had a pen and he had a phone and he was going to march on with his twisted version of progress with or without Congress- a shocking admission that is most-often uttered in despotic regimes and wholly incompatible with a Republic that maintains a checks and balances between different branches of government.

Obama continues to brag about his disregard for Congress, saying, (emphasis added)
“In the nearly 3 months since then, I’ve acted on my own, without Congress, where I knew we could expand more opportunity for American families. Here’s what that means:

We are raising wages for federal workers on government contracts who were previously making less than $10.10 an hour and we’re working with states cities and businesses to raise wages as well.”
The video goes on enumerating several instances where he had issued an executive order. While some might look at some of these ideas and believe that they’re good ideas, the pure fact remains that we have a law making body and a law enforcing body. The Congress makes the laws and the executive is supposed to enforce them.

However, we now have a president who not only refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like, but seeks to create laws without Congress. This is a big problem for a Republic.

Obama praised his actions for supposedly fostering innovation, but the greatest innovation comes from the private sector and the private sector desperately needs relief from overregulation and burdensome taxation. Sure, it’s nice when an executive waves a magic wand and “creates jobs,” but if Democrats were even remotely interested in creating long-term prosperity, they would be getting serious about reducing our national debt and easing tax burdens on businesses.

Obama concludes his nauseating video, saying,
“So that’s a lot of work over the last three months, but we’re not done yet; it’s no secret that we’ve got more work to do and I remain eager to work with Congress and anyone else who wants to help hard-working Americans get ahead. But America doesn’t standstill, and as president, I won’t either. That’s what this year of action is all about and I’m going to keep pushing forward however I can to make sure America remains a place of opportunity for everybody, so that everybody who works hard can get ahead.”
Obama claims he’s willing to work “with Congress,” but what bipartisan progress can be made when the underlying threat exists that lawmakers ought to get with his agenda or the president will simply go around them?
It’s important to note that the video did not include mention of the 23 executive orders he unilaterally created to curb gun rights in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting.

We have a separation of powers for a reason and it is despicable that this president can so casually disregard this concept that remains so vital to a healthy Republic.