Have some wonderful news. The Russellville River Valley Tea Party now has a permanent home now so we can have our meeting at the same place, at the same time, every month.It Is going to be at the here in Russellville, at the Pope County courthouse on the first floor where JP,s meet. It’s a great place where people that have trouble walking, can go to. Let everybody know the date, the time, and place. Start talking to your neighbors and friends that want to change the  direction that our Country is going in. Remember our motto, stay informed, stay involved, stay inspired. Primaries are just around the corner, and we need people that believe in the tea party movement to get elected. Let’s get rid of the professional politicians and get businessman that have to make a budget pay their employees and make a profit,and have moral character, and will not make the office a Life Long endeavor. Elect someone that knows how difficult it is to make a living under increased taxes, rules, and  burdensome regulations, and bureaucratic hoops one has to go through these days in order to exist. See you in March.