Stockman slams Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill
> Cornyn to introduce gun control bill modeled after Bloomberg anti-gun initiative
> Cornyn bill is nearly identical to Obama Executive Order issued last week
> ‘Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill is the Holy Grail of gun control’
> ‘Unable to ban guns they are now banning law-abiding gun owners, and Cornyn is leading the charge’
> ‘Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill puts veterans on a lifetime gun ban list if they went through post-combat counseling’

WASHINGTON — Congressman Steve Stockman announced Wednesday he is organizing opposition to an anti-gun control bill to be introduced this year by U.S. Senators John Cornyn and Lindsay Graham, which appears to closely follow an Executive Order issued last Friday by President Barack Obama.

Cornyn announced the bill in an interview this month with traditionally liberal “Texas Monthly” magazine.  According to Cornyn the “Graham-Cornyn Mental Health and Criminal Justice Reform Act” expands the National Instant Criminal Background Check (NICS) system to include Americans who have sought treatment for mental health issues.  The bill seems to be nearly identical to an Executive Order issued last Friday by Obama.

“Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill is the Holy Grail of gun control,” said Stockman. “Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill is an aggressive expansion of the anti-gun agenda.  Unable to ban guns they are now banning law-abiding gun owners, and Cornyn is leading the charge.”

“John Cornyn has opened a new front in the Left’s War on Guns by now seeking to ban law-abiding gun owners. Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill is the same gun control bill demanded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and appears to be nearly identical to Barack Obama’s latest Executive Order,” said Stockman. “With Republicans like Cornyn who needs Democrats?”

Cornyn’s examples of those to be stripped of their Second Amendment rights under his bill were people who sought treatment, but had no criminal record and had never been deemed a threat by doctors or a court.

“It throws millions of Americans on a lifetime gun ban list without a court hearing or due process of law.  Even worse, Cornyn’s Bloomberg Bill strips military veterans of their constitutional rights just for speaking to a medical professional about their combat experience,” said Stockman. “There is nothing more un-American than stripping law-abiding veterans of their constitutional rights.”

Last year Stockman introduced the Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act (HR 577,) which requires that a judge issue an order that an individual is a danger to self or others before a veteran’s ability to receive or transport guns is taken away.

Stockman, along with Senator Rand Paul, also introduced the Restore the Constitution Act ( HR 410) which nullifies and prohibits funding of any executive action that oversteps the President’s constitutional authority.

“It’s a stark contrast.  John Cornyn’s bill would follow Obama’s Order and ban many law-abiding veterans from owning guns.  My bills block Obama’s orders and protect veterans by banning the government from taking their guns away,” said Stockman.

Stockman is endorsed by Gun Owners of America and has a 100% lifetime rating from the NRA.