Church in California being forced to remove “Support Our Troops” Sign


A church in Nevada County, California is being forced by local city officials to remove a sign they placed voicing their support for American soldiers overseas. Not long ago the Simple Truth Church put up a sign with an American flag and a short message saying “Support Our Troops” to cover up an old dilapidated realty sign that had been there for almost 20 years.

City officials say that the church never got the proper permits to put their new sign up, even if all it does is cover up and old, worn out sign.

So city officials are threatening to come take the sign down themselves and then force the church to pay them for their work, if the church doesn’t remove the sign themselves. The church members think that decision is a little unfair. “If we don’t do anything, they may come out and cut the sign down. And, we would have to pay for them to cut the sign down, which seems to be pretty harsh,” said church member Bill Stokes.

It’s odd that the city couldn’t be bothered to remove the old worn out and run down realty sign that sat as an eyesore for two decades, but now seem exercised enough to come tear down the church’s show of patriotism…?Why did all of this happen?

Most of the commuters that the local news station spoke to didn’t seem to mind what the church had done, but apparently a passerby complained to the city about the church’s new sign and so the city decided to take action. (This lone complainer never complained about the eyesore that had been the old realty sign, but as soon as a patriotic church sign went up… now they had a problem? This complaining passerby is obviously a huge jerk and a big busybody.)

The city is wrong here. They didn’t care when a beat-up and run-down old realty sign was sitting there, and they shouldn’t care now that there is a patriotic banner hanging there. It’s hypocritical of them to leave an eye-sore standing for twenty years and only care to get involved once someone else has done something about it. The local officials should use some common sense and discretion and allow the church to continue displaying their sign.

For their part, Simple Truth Church will wait on taking down the banner for as long as they can.“People just drive by and love it,” said church member Julia Stokes. “There have been four new people come to our church because of that sign.”