ObamaCare — the worst has yet to come

Chris Woodward   (OneNewsNow.com) Friday, December 13, 2013
If you thought multiple delays, website problems and policy cancellations under ObamaCare were bad this year, wait until next year. So says one political columnist and commentator.Due to ObamaCare, what is your prediction for health insurance coverage in the United States?
Fred Wszolek expects things to get much worse in 2014.“I bet you half of the people who are signing up for these policies, who have never had health insurance before, have no idea what a deductible is,” he poses. “They think that they’re getting this bronze plan at $300 a month and that gives them an all-you-can-eat ticket to the healthcare buffet.”

Wszolek also thinks that a lot of the new people getting insurance or Medicaid have been putting things off, which he believes will lead to a lengthy waiting period for certain procedures.”The big national nervous breakdown is going to happen when one of these navigators robs some little old lady. You know it’s going to happen,” he asserts. “It’s just the law of numbers. You put thousands of people out there with people’s personal contact information and access to them, and one of these guys is going to do something bad. Then at some point, this website’s going to be hacked.”

Supporters of the healthcare law may dismiss these comments as speculative, but there have been many national and local news reports on the concerns about navigators or scammers posing as navigators to get access to people’s personal information.

Last month, cyber security experts recommended at a congressional hearing that Congress shut down Healthcare.gov because of hacking concerns.

In August, concerns about data security were also raised by the Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general. Nevertheless, the Obama administration said in mid-September — two weeks before the launch of Healthcare.gov — that the federal data system had been tested and certified as secure.

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