Posted 11.26.13 by Todd Cefaratti, Editor of TPNN


There are two kinds of Democrats currently in Washington: those who are interested in self-preservation and those who are too-heavily invested in Obamacare’s future that their only hope for political survival is to put the pedal to the metal and ride the Obamacare train to its fiery end while still hoping that some miracle will arrive to save the imperiled healthcare overhaul.

It seems that President Obama, a shining example of the latter, has lost patience with those jumping ship and have labeled nervous Democrats “bed-wetters.”

It is immensely satisfying to watch the left devour themselves.

The President is losing political friends who will stand by him as he continually tries to spin the Obamacare fiasco into anything other than what it is- an unmitigated disaster. According to the notoriously liberal New Republic, liberals ought to be worried as the effects of large government seem to be every bit as bad as conservatives have warned.

There’s a term of art that the Obama White House uses to describe its neurotic supporters who instantly race to the worst-case scenario: They are known as “bed-wetters.” Two months into the dysfunctional life of, however, that seems a perfectly appropriate physiological reaction.

Liberalism has spent the better part of the past century attempting to prove that it could competently and responsibly extend the state into new reaches of American life. With the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, the administration has badly injured that cause, confirming the worst slurs against the federal government. It has stifled bad news and fudged promises; it has failed to translate complex mechanisms of policy into plain English; it can’t even launch a damn website. What’s more, nobody responsible for the debacle has lost a job or suffered a demotion. Over time, the Affordable Care Act’s technical difficulties can be repaired. Reversing the initial impressions of government ineptitude won’t be so easy.

The author, Franklin Foer, went on to explain exactly the (albeit biased) history of liberalism in America and noted that the burden to showcase the benefits of an expansive government fell to liberals. Now, having gotten their way, it seems that the liberal dream of socialized medicine run by a too-powerful federal government is every bit the nightmare against which conservatives have warned.

It’s not hard to understand; capitalism and the free-market system that practices it is far from perfect. Good people can get swindled, bad people can succeed. However, though capitalism is not perfect, government bureaucracy simply cannot accomplish what private enterprise can. Government efficiency cannot compare to the efficiency of the free market and while the left loves to lampoon supposed corporate greed as the antithesis of compassion, they consistently give a free pass to the soullessness that so often accompanies big government- the perpetrators of untold carnage from Caesar to Stalin and beyond.

If President Obama is losing the dogmatic leftists of the New Republic, he is definitely in some serious trouble.