FLASHBACK: Sen. Barack Obama Forcefully Denounces ‘Nuclear Option’

FROM  //NOV 22 2013 // 9:06AM

When the Republican-controlled Senate was considering the “nuclear option” in 2005, many Democrats spoke out forcefully against it, including then-Sen. Barack Obama.

Fast forward about eight years to Thursday, when the Dem-controlled Senateinvoked the “nuclear option,” changing hundreds of years of Senate history. Now, President Obama’s federal appointments only need 51 votes to be confirmed, not 60.

Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) argued that Republican filibustering of numerous appointments was impeding the Senate from functioning normally.

On Hannity last night, Sean took a look at the left-wing hypocrisy, as Bill Cunningham and The Five’s Kimberly Guilfoyle engaged in a heated debate with Democrat rival Rick Ungar.

Ungar said in 2005, Republicans wanted to do the same thing that the Democrats did yesterday, but Hannity and Cunningham blasted back that the 2005 Senate never actually did it due to bipartisan negotiations by the Gang of 14.

Guilfoyle said the vote shows that Obama and Democrats have “no honor and no shame.”

Watch the debate above and check out a special Hannity, tonight at 10p/1a ET as millennials speak out on the future of the country. Plus, watch even more remarks by Democrats from 2005 in the clips below.