Guns in Schools: Superintendent Ready to Accept New Responsibility

Updated: May 6, 2013

Hot Springs, AR- Guns in Schools, it is a topic that continues to be a part of the public conversation, months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Here in Arkansas, it is illegal to take a gun to school unless you are certified, but in one district, a school administrator is working to get that certification so she can take her gun on campus.

Nancy Anderson is the Superintendent of the Cutter Morning Star School District.

She loves her students, is dedicated to education, and she is serious about school safety.

“I am very comfortable around guns,” says Anderson.

She has decided to take the students’ protection into her own hands.

In the next school year, Anderson says she plans to keep a gun in a lock-box in her office, and carry it if deemed necessary.

Anderson says if there is ever a threat on campus, or she feels students are at risk, she will strap on the gun.

“The lockster is a locked holster, so students will not be able to pull it out.”

Anderson is in the process of receiving full certification to keep a gun at school.

“There are four different tests and then you have to go to a range and qualify to be able to carry.”

Essentially, she is becoming a security guard on top of being a superintendent.

“I respect firearms, I know it’s dangerous. I’m very serious about firearms and very cautious.”

She says thiw wasn’t her first choice, and she wishes she didn’t have to go to this measure, but Anderson says she would rather be safe than sorry.