CPAC Turns Away Pamela Geller

Posted on March 3, 2013 by creeping

And essentially they are turning their backs on the entire counter-jihad movement. Khan, Norquist, CAIR, ISNA and all the other Brotherhood entities are giddy that there will be no discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood’s rapid expansion. via Breitbart:CPAC Turns Away Pamela Geller.

For the last four years, Pamela Geller of and the American Freedom Defense Initiative have held events at CPAC featuring guests she invites to discuss the influence of Islamism on America. But this year, the American Conservative Union (ACU) has no room for Geller or her message.

In 2009, she brought Geert Wilders, who is the head of the third largest party in the Netherlands and has spoken out against the Islamization of his country.

In 2010 she held an event that her organization, The American Freedom Defense Initiative, hosted, titled “Jihad: The Political Third Rail”, with speakers like Allen West, Wafa Sultan, Simon Deng, Anders Gravers, and Steve Coughlin.

In 2011, she hosted an event discussing the Ground Zero Mosque with 9/11 families. In 2012, the event was titled “Islamic Law in America.”

In years past, the events were standing room only thanks to their popularity, but that apparently was not enough to counter pressure brought to bear from somewhere to exclude Geller’s message.

Geller and her coworkers recently won a court battle allowing them to post ads that countered the #Myjihad ad campaign that posited that jihad was a peaceful word. Yet despite the law’s defense of her rights, the ACU will not stand up for her against critics.

New ads up. Geller comments on her Atlas Shrugs website:

I won’t be at CPAC this year. Every year AFDI organizes a must-see event, addressing issues that the Grover Norquist/Suhail Khan cabal refuse to address (jihad, sharia, the war on freedom in the West).

This year, I applied to speak and was ignored. I tried to get a room for an AFDI event, “The War on Free Speech,” and was ignored. So, for the first time in five years, I won’t be at CPAC. Last year Suhail Khan bragged out loud that he (and his other operatives) had successfully kept Robert Spencer and me from being invited to speak. He went so far as to warn people not to attend our events or read our books.

In several articles I took on Grover Norquist and his powerful influence over CPAC, most notably here and here. As soon as I published my Newsmax column concerning his perfidious influence at CPAC, my Newsmax column was taken down and my name and picture were removed from the Newsmax page….. it was two slots away from Grover’s. My weekly column never appeared at Newsmax again. It was axed.

Now this. I might add, every AFDI event at CPAC was standing room only. We turned people away every year.

Spencer comments on his Jihad Watch website: 

After staging a succession of standing-room-only events at CPAC the last few years, dealing with issues that Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan preferred to obfuscate, Norquist and Khan have won, at least for now: Pamela Geller and I won’t be hosting a presentation at CPAC this year, and it will feature no serious discussion of the central issue of our age.

That makes this victory all the sweeter. I will be at CPAC, even though I will not be cohosting an event, and will give Suhail Khan a friendly greeting.

Barely any discussion at all in fact according to CPAC’s agenda there’s only one discussion and it’s on Iran and a screening of a Newt Gingrich film that is not an official CPAC event.

Muslims Suhail Khan and Grover Norquist are moderating numerous events.