Let’s start by saying that if the Wal-mart neighborhood market were a side of Beef, after being: baked, boiled, fried, roasted, toasted, BBQ, and fricasseed, it would be ashes by now. Wal-mart must have the patience of Job. Any other company would have said ,”Put it where the Sun doesn’t shine,” by now. Now the non-vertebrate City Council has passed this” tar baby” back in the laps of the Planning Commission, who is saying to themselves, didn’t we pass this thing before in July?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            But let us redress to the beginning of this Shakespearean play. It was the year of our Lord 2012. It all started where things always start for business’s, at the Planning Commission in the Month of July of 2012.. After all was said and done, the properly was changed from a R-1 to a C-4. This went over the like a lead balloon. Wal-Mart changed the property be zoned as a Planned Unit Development or PUD for short. Now we going into the Education part of the process. For one must know what a PUD is, the correct Description is as follows. ” This district is Designed to encourage innovative design and development. It combines subdivision and zoning review for selected parcels into one precess to be acted upon simultaneously. It is intended to provide  for greater flexibility in the design of buildings, yards courts, circulation and open space that would otherwise be possible through the strict application of other district regulations”.  It was measured and shaken by the Planning Commission, by a vote of 5 to3 for passage.                                                                                                                                      Them it went to the city council that didn’t want to talk on the subject in 2012 so it   passed it to the new city Council of 2013. At the agenda meeting,( first of the new council) Wal-mart was to give an overview of the improved project . The new member Seth Irwin made it look like a rerun of the Perry Mason Show. Mr Irwin  kept asking what shall meant or something to that effect. Reminded me of what Clinton said,”It depends on what the meaning of the words is, is”. Then there is Mr. laws who said the he represented 100% of the people that lived in the area. No one had heard  or seen a list of anyone that he saids he represents. I would like to see it.                                                                                                                                                           Wal-mart has done everything the City Council has ask it to do: noise, lighting, green space, trucks, street, and traffic. Alderman Martin Irwin said that the $125,000.00 to the City was a bribe. Then the last Council meeting Mr. Irwin, out of the blue, said that just in case that second street might be to be extended  into Wal-Mart’s parking lot, that Martin thought that 125,000.00 should be increases to $350,000.00!  Now some people would call this extortion. It would be what one would define the definition of extortion is to answer that question. To my surprise this almost passed the Council.The tie was broken by the Mayor. I guess that he looked up extortion. Now to get out of the deep hole the Council was in, it sent it back to the Panning Commission, then want’s to know from each member on why they voted the way they did. When they  do vote. The Spanish Inquisition is alive and well. This never ending story will end sometime in the summer,maybe. It will not happen this month of March, because The Plaining Commission meets after the City Council meets, how convent this is.