Tuesday night, was the first meeting of the new year for a new city Council and it sure started  off with a bang.  Instead of the usual Jaw yawning  meeting , it was anything but that.  After the usually quiet sounds  of condemning houses that have been on the books for sixth months or more , and changing  on who is on what committee, things were just about rapped up until it was Wal-mart’s  turn to give a presentation on their new “Neighborhood Market” at the large parasol of land that is at W. Main St. and South Vancouver Street. Well, the bell rang and round one started. It was supposed to be just a presentation of the wall-mart store.  One would think that a first time member of the  City Council would set back and listen and learn, that was not the case. If there was any doubt that Mr Seth Irwin is a lawyer was forever dashed last night. I thought I was watching Jimmy Stewart in”Anatomy Of A Murder”! The trial, I mean, the discussion  heated up quickly  mainly from all the lawyers that was there. The issue was the definition of what a “PUD” was. PUD stands for “Planned Unit Development”. There are 17 different zoning descriptions in the code book,and they are not set in concrete as Mr. Irwin implies. Example: A C-4 in the middle of a R-1  district. Like a daycare center.  Now just what is the defination of a “PUD”?  Look at section2.16.1 of the zoning code which says,” The purpose of this zone are to  promote flexibility and innovation in the design of large-scale developments and to  encourage  the use of vacant, in-full parcels in the build up portion of the city. The planning commission agreed and passed the proposal. Wal-mart went way beyond what the code says, so let’s pass this and go forward.                                           Robert B. McCready 1403 South Houston Ave Russellville Ar. 72801 phone 479-968-5485. Coordinator for Russellville River Valley Tea Party.  E-mail rmccready@suddenlink.net