I come into an empty building now,  It is not a home anymore, it is just a shielder from the elements.  A place to get the mail, make phone calls, and feed Judy’s cat Charlie. He knows that Judy’s gone, he is restless and is mewing a lot.  He  sleeps with me now. In the daytime I keep busy. Cleaning up, vacuuming, dusting, doing the wash, Ironing, going to the Kroger store, and doing the everyday chores that Judy and I did together for 48 years at this same address.  It’s the night time that is the hardest.. All I  hear is me. that’s all, just me, alone. One heart beat. I now hear the groans and moans as the wind slightly moves the house when it storms. The floor sometimes makes a sound as I walk  down the hallway to the bedrooms. The furnace comes on with more of a roar and the clock strikes every 15 minutes with more force than I remember. I stay up late.  I was always a night time person anyway. But now it is different. I sleep in a kingsize bed, just me and Charlie, sometimes just me. It is strange to wake-up and smooth out one side of a bed and the other side is untouched. It’s the small things that come to ones mind.  Simple things like fitted sheets.  Judy and I always folded them together. Never the same way twice.  It’s hard to fold a fitted sheet by your self. Not much garage to take out now. Will have to learn to cook for one now. The picture that you see is  the first year that we were married.  Judy was just 17 and I was 19 in East Chicago Indiana.  The picture was from one of those photo booths that was everywhere back then.  You know, you put in about a dollar  for about 4 to 5 pictures.  I choose that picture for me. That’s how I want remember her. God Choose her as my soul mate, He has one for each and every one of us.  I was lucky I found mine so soon, AS I look back, I would  not change one thing, even her death.  I want to tell you what Judy died from.  I wonder why people do not mention it in their obituary’s.  Judy died from, ‘Pulmonary Hypertension”shortened to PH.  PH in turned caused her heart to pump harder causing it to start failing.  Death by heart failure. Thank God not from PH.  You drown in your own fluids.  Judy always said that she wanted to go first,  She was right too. In her condition and as sick as she was, it was right and Christ knew it.  I know where she is.  Judy is with P.T and Jewel and looking just like she is in the picture.  Judy is now waiting for me to be with her by Christ side where she is now. Death is not a ending, but a new be gaining.  Something to look forward to,  not to be feared but welcomed as a part of living.  I will continue go on till Christ tells me that I have fought the good fight. I have finished  the race, I have kept the faith.    Robert B. McCready                           Go to http://www.humphreyfuneral.com to see picture