Hate to even bring up the events that  I am going to say.  But it is in the realm of possibly with this President.  We will call it the ” Octorber surprise” What if the plan was to stage a fake kidnapping of the Ambassador. America goes crazy, people are up in arms and want to know what is the president is going to do? Now remenber that doing the last couple of months the president has been sliding in the poles, and knowing the presidential race was up for grabs, and to be sure that Obama would win, why not make a deal with Egypt’s Muslim brotherhood with a trade. The Blind sheik, for the Ambassador. Obama looks like the white knight ridding to the rescue, gets enough votes to win his second term. But  it did not go down as plained and the Ambassador is killed. I know that it sounds absurd, but Obama, knowing who he was  raised by and the persons that influenced Obama, it is a possibly. The house was not up to standers,no protection, that was asked for and refused, time and time again. I saw all four hours of the committee hearings, it sure looked like a perfect plan that like all perfect plans went terribly wrong. What do you think? Is it that crazy?